Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We would like to offer you the experience and possibilities of our firm for you to be able to take part in our future projects.
"Demo LTD" was founded as a firm, with the main activities, of assemblage and setting up and the aim was to introduce in Ukraine new technologies in the sphere of power saving.
The main trends of our work are the construction of autonomous boiler-rooms and automatiziere heating stations, systems of ventilation and conditioning, production of boilers with capacity to 100 kW, liquid fuel and gas burners according to the license of German firm "Golling" , setting in operation the industrial furnaces and equipment, water-pump stations and stations of fire extinction, power generators, which work on the different kinds of fuel, for producing heat and electric energy at the same time, from firm MDE Germany.
Our firm realizes complex building, which includes projecting, technical and economic calculations, delivery, completing equipment, installation, starting, adjustment and maintenance of equipment in the process of exploitation, and also energy audit, energy management, working out of business-plans of working and projecting enterprises
We are working according to the direct contracts with leading European and American producers including "Viessmann", "Vaillant", "Weishaupt", "LOOS" (Germany), "Grundfos" (Denmark), "Carrier" (USA) etc. We offer heating boilers with the capacity from 8 kW to 25 MW, steam-boilers with output from 300kg to 48 ton of steam per hour; burners ( gas, diesel, mazut, combined ) with the capacity from 10 kW to 18 MW; boilers exhaust-heat from 10 kW to 2000kW; heat exchangers, central conditioners, fittings of pipelines, pumps equipment for any medium and any output.%

For carrying out of all above mentioned kinds of work we have all necessary permits and licenses, tools and instruments, normative, technical and reference literature.
The works are carried out according to all working norms and rules. During execution of all works our firm co-operates with state and private firms, which have all appropriate permits and licenses.
The staff of our firm takes part in regular trainings at the plants.
We have experience of reconstruction of existing heating stations with the changing of equipment, the installation of raising and circulation pumps with the transferring of them into the position of the absolute automatized control, weather regulation .

Pulley automatized heating stations were worked out by Joint-stock Company "Demo LTD" on the base of lamellar heat "SWEP" and "Alfa Laval" /Sweden/, fitted and put into operation on the units of "Posnjaki housing construction". The series of thermal stations are in the process of fitting.
The works of reconstruction of heating station and also the whole system of conditioning and ventilation of the building of our Supreme Council of Ukraine were finished at the end of 2000. In 2001 we are carrying out the works of reconstruction of system of ventilation and conditioning in the buildings which belong to Administration of the President of Ukraine.
In the sphere of conditioning and ventilation we cooperate with the following leading producers of equipment: "VTS Clima" and "Carrier".
We perform the works of installation of heat meters, heat counters, have possibilities to take them for technical service.
We carried out the works of energy audit and gave recommendations on complex power saving for enterprises: Joint-stock Company "RADIKAL" (Kiev), JSC "CHEKSIL", (Chernigov), JSC "Katex" (Kiev) and the plant for production of cognac "Koktebel" (Crimea). We have experience in the working out of business-plans and technical-economical substantiation, in inspections of enterprises. For carrying out of all above mentioned works we have modern pyrometers, gas analyzers and other devices.
We propose delivery and making up a set of fittings, pumps, steel radiators, tubes, basic and subsidiary equipment for units of heat supply, supply of water, ventilation and conditioning.
In 1999 engineering bureau of "Demo LTD" together with the designers' bureau of "Browarskij plant of communal equipment worked" out and produced serial two models of water heating boilers - "Vladimir" with the capacity of 16-49kWt and "Viktor" with the capacity of 50-100kWt

We hope that the activities of our firm are interesting for you and we are ready to discuss the points of our cooperation.

With best regards,
"Demo LTD"